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Our holistic approach also covers Physiotherapy

With an experienced physiotherapist that has worked in clinics and hospitals across London and Amsterdam, we specialize in sports injuries but also have a focus on postural and work-related problems.

We look at the broad picture; rehabilitation requires careful consideration of the individual’s needs in the context of their life. Yes, we can help you recover, but by sitting down and getting to know our clients we tackle not just the symptoms but the root of the problem.

Together we can build a tailored rehab program that works for you – and hopefully, we can have a laugh working on it.

Gymbase - Collection and Services

To stay healthy you have to eat healthy!

Anyone can ask Google to fix a problem. So why would you need a dietitian when Google can give you your answer? Wrong questions always lead to wrong answers.

What's good for Jessica can't be good for Sandra at all. What's good for Dennis doesn't have to work for John. In short: customization is essential for nutrition and lifestyle. Can you do that without a dietician? Of course! But you can also cut down a tree with a bread knife, that does not mean that this is the most efficient? When do we start a conversation together to see what a good (and feasible) plan is for you?

Gymbase - Collection and Services

Bootcamp with Gym Base in the Vondelpark!

Gymbase - Collection and Services
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