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Welcome to Gym Base! My name is Kéoma Veldhuis, born and raised in Amsterdam and the owner of Amsterdam Personal Training & Health and Gym Base Amsterdam.

With 8 years of experience working in the field as a personal trainer, working for a gym, or renting a space to train my clients, I decided to build something new. My own gym. In 2017 I decided to create one of the First High-End Boutiques of Amsterdam “Gym Base”.

Gym Base About Us

One of the first high-endpersonal training boutique's of Amsterdam

Established in 2017 and located next to the famous Vondelpark we always have outdoor opportunities as well. Whatever your reason or goal (improve technique, strength, endurance, and posture.)of your practice is, we always want the best for our customers. That’s why we choose for TechnoGym equipment to work with.

With our group of motivated, internationally-certified personal trainers, physicists, nutritionists, and the cozy setting of our boutique with the best equipment, we make the best of it every day. In this way, we conquer the hearts of many (to be) sports fanatics. From young to old and everything in between.

Gym Base About Us

Meet the Gym Base staff that is available for you!


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“The best way to predict the future is to create it. Even when you don’t feel like it, just keep on pushing. Stay steady on track and you will get there.”
- Keoma Veldhuis
Gym Base About Us